Goldfish, AND The City of Jerusalem present the next thing:
Running between sites and history in the Holy city of Israel. October 8, 2021

A fun and innovative run event on the streets of  jerusalem on 3 experiential 
routes that go through, among main sites. The idea is to experience the city and its history
through running with friends, families, running groups, work groups and more. 
City tour on an experiential run. 

Friday - October 8, 2021 - 7:00 - The event complex opens in the SAFRA Square

8:00 - start in the SAFRA Square

9:00 - Finish compound opens in the SAFRA Square

10:00 - A party at the finish line in the SAFRA Square

14:00 -Estimated end of event in SAFRA Square

Registration To Run The City JREUSALEM


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